Backyard Design Website relaunch

Backyard Design Website relaunch - the changes and improvements are live!

After a ton of blood, sweat and tears we’re proud to present you our reworked website!

We rebuilt it not only visually but improved the navigation, layout, site speed and functionality among other things!


Starting with a new menu and navigation options – our website header menu allows you to immediately find your way to your desired bike. Navigate through the shop categories to directly find your bike brand. Or utilize the quick select menu at the top of our main page! You’ll get designing within 3 clicks!


Of course, not only our site has grown over the years but so has Backyard Design as an international community. And you’re an extremely important part of it! This is why we invite you to check out everything about Backyard Design, the faces behind the company and what it means to be part of the #BYDTEAM. 


Our help section contains useful information on how to apply custom graphics, a compilation of the most frequently asked questions and shipping details. Should anything be left unclear or in case you have questions or inquiries our customer service is always happy to help! You can use the contact page to reach out to us and we’ll be there to assist you!


The next level of custom graphics!


And most importantly – be sure to check out our new graphics configurator! You’ve never experienced custom graphic design like this! It was restructured so you can always find what you’re looking for. 


We’ve introduced the much requested zoom function and implemented notifications to guide you through the process. The configuration was separated into a design and logos mode. No more struggling between selecting a logo or an accent! The design mode was created so you can soley select and modify your bike’s colors and once you switch to logos you’re able to change and modify them. The extras tab includes extras and accessories such as our different finishes or mini plates. 


Of course, we won’t stop here, so be sure to look forward to other future functions and options for your perfect design experience!